Our Equipment

At Barletta, to support the requirements of our varied construction projects, we have an extensive inventory of carefully maintained state-of-the-art equipment, machinery and vehicles.

Equipment is assigned according to the requirements of each individual project. Preventative maintenance and repairs are completed in the field by certified mechanics with fully-equipped service trucks, dispatched from our Equipment Maintenance Facility in Roslindale, MA.

Barletta utilizes cutting-edge technology to analyze complex information rapidly and make productive decisions. Our Survey crews use GPS-based robotics surveying, which provides the ability to work with complex 3D models and to collect large data sets easily from the field. The software integrates with GPS-controlled earth-moving equipment. These GPS guidance systems provide our Operators with cut/fill and slope data and other bench/reference points, enhancing accuracy during construction. 


Equipment Leasing

In addition to keeping our projects supplied, Barletta's umbrella Equipment Division, Osprey Equipment arranges lease agreements for much of the equipment in our fleet.

Construction equipment is availale for short or long term lease.


Please call Dallas Babineau @ 617.293.3388