Loring Road Hydroelectric Project

Location: Weston, Massachusetts
Contract: MWRA Contract 6974F
Contract Value: $1,857,000.00
Project Dates: January 1, 2010 - April 24, 2011


Project Summary:

Per the scope of the project, BHD installed one new hydraulic turbine driven generator and controls, furnished and installed new stainless steel piping with both electrically and hydraulically operated butterfly valves, made connections to the Authority's piping system within the existing vault; maintained the Authority's Security System in working order at all times; removed and replaced/relocated existing railings and walkway grating, installed new walkway railings and metal grating, completed all necessary electrical connections between the new equipment and the existing electrical service, coordinated with NSTAR, including connection to the NSTAR transformer; provided equipment testing; and direct startup, testing and training.

New piping was constructed as part of the scope of this project to connect from the existing upstream high service piping, bypassing the existing energy dissipating valves, to redirect the flow through the new hydraulic turbine for head reduction and for conversion of the hydraulic energy into electric energy.  Power generated by the hydraulic turbine driven generator will be utilized partially on-site, with the remainder of the power exported to the electric utility thereby allowing the Authority to “sell back” the electricity that is generated to the electric utility.  The generator is an induction type generator, rated 250 kVA, minimum 200 kW, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 480 Volt.  Since commissioning the system, the power being generated is far exceeding the contract design expectations, which is a welcomed surprise for the Authority.

Overall, the project was a complete success, finishing on time and with very few change orders, totaling less than 2% of the contract value.