Talbot Avenue Commuter Rail Station and Talbot Ave. Woodrow Bridge Replacements

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Contract: MBTA Contract H74CN07
Contract Value: $15,900,000
Project Dates: November 2010 – January 2013


MBTA Contract H74CN07 includes replacement of two railroad bridges and construction of a new transit station on the Fairmount Line.  The Fairmount Corridor Commuter Rail Line is the only Commuter Rail Branch that exclusively serves the City of Boston and MBTA′s Urban Core.

The station will include approximately 800-foot long high-level platforms to facilitate direct platform-to-coach boarding. The platforms will include detectable warning strips, new canopies, passenger shelters, benches/windscreens, wayfinding signage, graphic panels, a train approach warning system, variable message signs, and high non-glare lighting. The station will also be equipped with closed circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance cameras, police emergency call box systems, and public telephones.

The project also includes the reconstruction of the Talbot Avenue and Woodrow Avenue Railroad Bridges, utilizing Rapid Bridge Construction methods that will allow the existing bridges to be demolished and replaced in a 54 hour time frame. Each new bridge will be constructed in close proximity to the existing span and will be moved into place utilizing Self-Propelled Modular Transporters during a weekend shutdown of the Commuter Rail line.  The bridge work also involves construction of new reinforced concrete bridge piers, support of existing utilities, grading, drainage, traffic management, signal and power line relocations along the right-of-way, and preparation of new railroad track bed subgrades. Lighting systems will be installed on the bridge abutments in order to illuminate the areas under the bridge.

Existing sidewalks along Talbot Avenue from Norwell Street to Westcott Street will be reconstructed within the immediate vicinity of the station entrances and new wheelchair ramps will be constructed at the adjacent roadway intersections.