Shawmut, Fields Corner, Savin Hill MBTA Stations (S45CN01)

Location: Dorchester, Massachusetts
Contract Value: $52,151,344
Project Dates: November 2003 – March 2007


This project included the renovation and improvements to three stations on the MBTA’s Red Line: Shawmut Station, Fields Corner Station, and Savin Hill Station.

Savin Hill Station Renovation

The newly renovated Savin Hill Station on the MBTA′s Red Line in Dorchester now boasts a new brick and glass head house with a new escalator and elevators, and a new and improved parking lot with a drop-off and pick-up area.

The existing station was originally constructed in 1927.  The new Savin Hill Station project involved a complete replacement of platforms, all building systems, and the entire station structure.  The 1920s-era platforms and head house were demolished and replaced with new platforms, a larger head house set back from the street, and a glass enclosed waiting area overlooking the train platforms. Additionally, the station is fully accessible and barrier-free after the addition of two new elevators and an escalator.  The new station features state-of the-art amenities, including LED display signs, updated communications and security systems, along with new lighting, tactile warning strips on the platforms, and new finishes on the interior.

Fields Corner Station Renovation

Fields Corner Station in Dorchester is an intermodal station, serving as a transfer point between the MBTA's Red Line subway and several bus routes.  The station provides direct "T" access to the neighborhoods and commercial areas of Geneva and Dorchester Avenues.

The Fields Corner station modernization project involved demolition of the old station enclosure and the restructuring and lowering of the busway. This reconfiguration facilitates pedestrian-friendly access and provides room for the new entrance and busway along the south side of the station.  Bus traffic is routed to enable ride-side platform drop-off and pick-up and easy transfer to the new subway station lobby.  The new design also includes a new escalator on the inbound platform and two new elevators.

New Automatic Fare Collection equipment was installed in the lobby.  New canopy roof structures covering the platforms, with new platform finishes, lighting and signage, and other patron and safety and security improvements were performed.  These include a police substation, surveillance cameras, and customer assistance intercoms.  The design is a state-of-the-art new station for this neighborhood, in contrast to the old facility. Charles Park along Charles Street was also renovated with this project and provides a safe, accessible path to the station.

Shawmut Station Renovation

Shawmut Station on the MBTA's Red Line is comprised of a 1928 neo-classical one story brick headhouse with subsurface platforms. The station is adjacent to the commercial street of Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester, situated on a smaller neighborhood street near Clementine Park.

The major work on the station included restoring the headhouse, and creating new barrier free access with two new elevators to easily reach the platforms.  Landscape improvements along the pedestrian paths of travel created a new Victorian-style park.