Orient Heights Car Yard & Maintenance Facility

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Contract Value: $22,344,000
Project Dates: Fall 2006


This contract was for the renovation and expansion of the MBTA’s Car Yard and Maintenance Facility in East Boston.  The yard and shop facilities remained open and operational during construction.

The work included:

Installation of approximately 400LF of Direct Fixation Track inside the new maintenance facility.  Work included tying 115lb rail into new maintenance equipment for servicing MBTA Blue Line Trains.  Work also included the installation of joint bars to join the rail segments together.

Traction Power and Track Work
Removal and reconstruction of 6 tracks
Construction of new track and turnouts
Removal and reconstruction of track catenary
Construction of new platforms and stairs

Expansion of the existing Car Maintenance Building including new car and truck hoist equipment and a wheel truing machine
Extension of the 6-ton and 12-ton crane ways into the car hoist and wheel truing expansions
Renovation of the existing 6-ton and 12-ton bridge cranes
Installation of a new 6-ton bridge crane and a new 12-ton bridge crane
Extension of the existing car wash facility to house water stripping and water recycling equipment
Installation of temporary and new permanent underground utilities including water for fire protection and domestic services, sanitary sewer, storm water sewer, and drainage for roof, floor and waste water systems
Construction of access and site roadways including track crossings, parking lot, lighting and plantings
Selective demolition
Asbestos and lead paint abatement in the existing Boiler House and Car Maintenance Buildings