Charles / MGH MBTA Station (A41CN01)

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Contract Value: $36,456,600
Project Dates: May 2003 – February 2007


This project consisted of the reconstruction and modernization of the elevated Charles / MGH station on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s Red Line rapid transit route and the construction of a new station headhouse.

The existing headhouse was replaced with a new, modern, glass-enclosed structure.  The headhouse is situated on a newly constructed traffic island that is away from the center of the busy intersection, and new, at-grade crosswalks provide access to the entrances.  The unsightly pedestrian bridges and overhead walkways have been demolished and removed.

Work also included repairs to the viaduct structure and substructure; installation of a state-of-the-art enhanced communication system, reconstruction of the existing platforms, tactile warning strips and canopies; construction of ADA-compliant pedestrian access to the station; and reconfiguration and improvements to the surrounding roadways, traffic controls, lighting, landscaping and paving.  Work also involved the construction of a noise wall from the new station headhouse to the tunnel portal, repair of the copper cladding along the western portion of the platforms, installation of a new ticket booth, relocation of existing ticket booth and turnstiles for temporary use and the installation of a new state-of-the-art revenue collection system.

The new headhouse included a communications room, locker room and sanitary facilities, public telephones, specialty ornamental metal ceilings, aluminum curtain walls, glazed overhead doors, composite aluminum and stainless-steel ornamental wall panels, elevators and escalators, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, emergency power, HVAC and fire alarm and protection systems, an ADA-compliant Public Address / LED signage system, closed circuit television (CCTV) system, Passenger Assistance Call Boxes, communication programmable logic controller (CPLC) and pulse code modulation (PCM) systems.

The open air, elevated station is situated at the foot of Longfellow Bridge, and adjacent streets provide access to Massachusetts General Hospital.  All work was completed while maintaining passenger service to the station, and without disrupting pedestrian, automotive and emergency vehicle traffic at street level underneath the headhouse.