Route I-93/I-293 Interchange Project

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire
Contract Value: $14,206,577 (under budget)
Project Dates: October 2000 - January 2003


This project involved reconstruction and improvements to approximately 1¾ miles of northbound and southbound Interstate 93, including part of the merge/diverge ramps with Interstate 293.
The highway was widened from its existing 24-foot travel way with 4-foot shoulders to a 48-foot travel way with 12-foot shoulders.  The reconstruction and widening of four bridges was required, and the bridge decks were constructed of cast-in-place concrete.  Precast concrete sound barriers, MSE walls and retaining walls were installed along the length of the project site.

Portions of two roads that passed under the highways were also reconstructed.  The surface of Bodwell Road was lowered by 4½ feet to provide a 14½ foot clearance under the bridges, and was widened to a 24-foot travel way with 4-foot shoulders.

Some highlights of the work:

Implementation of a complex traffic control plan requiring coordination of State Police rolling roadblocks, chase vehicles, cleanup equipment, DOT personnel and labor crews.

Constructing stable and uniform rock slopes for 60 +/- foot high cuts on both sides of NB and SB Interstate 93.

Removal of approximately 100,000 cubic yards of ledge using 180 blasts while in close proximity to one of the highest traffic volume highways in the State of New Hampshire without ever delaying traffic more than the allotted 10 minutes.

The commendation letter Barletta received from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation stated in part, “You have set the standard for future rock excavation projects in New Hampshire.”