Subaru Pier Standby Operations

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Contract: CA/T C21S2 / C21S3
Contract Value: $62,284,661
Project Dates: December 1998 – July 2004


These projects involved the management of excavated and dredged materials delivered to the Subaru Pier site by all Central Artery/Tunnel (CA/T) Project Contractors, including receiving, stockpiling, testing, handling, loading and transportation of the materials, and stabilization of the dredged material.

The work also included sampling and chemical testing (laboratory analytical) of soils and dredged materials to determine appropriate reuse or disposal, and segregation and disposal of any contaminated or hazardous materials identified through laboratory testing.

Transportation and disposal of the excavated and dredged materials, including the selection of appropriate disposal facilities, and preparation of waste profiles, bills of lading and non-hazardous and hazardous waste manifests was also required.  Licensed haulers were required for the transportation of hazardous wastes.

Also included was weighing of incoming materials delivered by truck, weighing of all outgoing materials, wheel washing, dust control, erosion and sedimentation control and miscellaneous other environmental requirements.

Receiving and stockpiling of snow delivered to the Subaru Pier by others and the transportation and disposal to approved landfills of solid waste from the snow stockpiling was included in these contracts.

Over one million tons of material was moved by barge.

Upon completion of the project, the 30 acre site was graded and paved for restoration to its former use, parking storage of new automobiles bound for Boston-area dealers