Marine Industrial Park - Central Parking Garage Addition

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Contract Value: $3,751,926
Project Dates: March 2000 - June 2003


The Central Parking Garage Addition consisted of constructing a five-level pre-cast concrete parking garage addition to the existing operational five level parking facility at the Marine Industrial Park in Boston. 

The installation of fourteen inch square precast pre-stressed concrete piles was required to support the design load of 120 tons.

Construction included installing traffic bearing membrane and expansion joints, the construction of two new entrance and exit ways in the existing structure, installation and implementation of a CCTV system and an automated/centralized revenue control system, and construction of new office space.  Reconfiguration of the access roadway and existing entrances, sidewalks, pavement markings, striping and signage was also required. 

The parking facility remained open for business during the completion of the project, and all work was performed while maintaining traffic flow and uninterrupted operation of the existing garage.