Bridge Betterment-Route 128 Service Road over Charles River

Location: Newton & Weston, Massachusetts
Contract: MassDOT Project 605170
Contract Value: $5,228,626
Project Dates: January 2011 – May 2012


As part of Mass DOT’s Accelerated Bridge Program, this project consists of the rehabilitation of the Route 128 Service Road bridge over the Charles River.  Included is the reconstruction of the bridge and approach wearing surfaces; removal and replacement of the reinforced concrete bridge, deck and T-beams; upgrading the bridge rail; upgrading the approach guard rail; removing and replacing the existing joints with Asphaltic joints over the abutments; removing and replacing bearings with reinforced elastomeric bearing pads; removing and replacing the existing drainage scuppers with new ones; and repairing the existing substructure and beams seats.