South Security Gate Complex (Contract L602-C9)

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Contract Value: $1,528,000
Project Dates: February 2003 – August 2003

The Massachusetts Port Authority undertook an upgrade and expansion of its perimeter security systems.  These projects were subject to the SSI (Sensitive Security Information) restrictions under the Code of Federal Regulations and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Work was performed on both the landside and Air Operations Area of the airport in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Security Program, including background checks for security clearances required for access.

This project involved the installation of security fencing and precast concrete walls, security devices (tilt gates, rotating wedge barriers, wooden arm gates), and CCTV cameras and associated equipment.  Also included was construction of a new guard shelter (including all associated utilities, underground conduits, required power and control cables and control systems hardware/software), installation of new curbing and sidewalks, and restoration of existing paved roadways, sidewalks and pavement markings.  Maintenance of continuous site security and traffic control was of critical importance to this project.