In 1914, Vincenzo Barletta, a recent immigrant from Italy, built the foundation of his own American Dream and established the V. Barletta Company in Roslindale, Massachusetts.

Vincenzo Barletta

Vincenzo's fledgling company grew slowly and despite financial setbacks, it persevered and worked through the lean years of the Great Depression. The hard work began to pay off; Vincenzo became an outstanding builder, winning an award for the Fall River Bridge, first of the many that his company would go on to earn over the years.

The Early Years of Barletta Company

One of the first pieces of equipment


When World War II arrived, Barletta contributed immensely to the war effort, completing projects for the War Department, the Navy, and the Army Corps of Engineers. The company's most impressive defense related achievement was the construction of the entire South Weymouth (Massachusetts) Naval Air Station in less than 24 months. In the heady post World War II boom, Barletta's growth mirrored that of the Nation's. Construction of infrastructure projects for Eastern Massachusetts such as the Fore River Bridge in Quincy, the Mystic River (Tobin) Bridge, the East Boston Expressway, and sections of the new Neponset Valley Sewer System were completed.

Weymouth LTA Station Hanger

Carrying on a Family Tradition - Vincenzo passed away in 1958, leaving management of the prospering firm that bore his name to his son, Frederick. In the 1950's and 1960's Barletta continued to grow, and built segments of Route 128 (Interstate 95) around Boston, worked on the Neponset River Bridge in Quincy, and completed the entire downtown portion of the John F. Fitzgerald Expressway (the old Elevated Central Artery) including the Dewey Square Tunnel.With the sudden unexpected passing of Frederick in 1968, his young son Vincent inherited not only the company, but fortuitously, also a group of truly dedicated employees who shared their knowledge and expertise with their new president, insuring the company would continue to grow and prosper.

Mystic River Bridge, 1948

Central Artery, 1956


During the 1970's, the firm, which was now known as The Barletta Company, completed a number of contracts at Boston's Logan International Airport, including the creation of Bird Island Flats. Other projects included the construction of thirteen bridges on Interstate 95, the reconstruction of the Interstate 495 and 290 Interchange in Worcester, Massachusetts, and completion of a pollution abatement and flood control facility for the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Interstate 190

Through the 1980's and 1990's, the company moved almost exclusively into the field of vertical construction. Besides working on the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority's massive Deer Island Treatment Plant facility, Barletta also completed many waste and water treatment plants and institutional buildings for local municipalities, and it was during this time that the Barletta Engineering Corp was formed.

South Boston Parking Garage

With the passing of Vincent D. Barletta, in 1998, his sons ascended to leadership roles in the firm. Determined to maintain the atmosphere of a family-owned company, the brothers were equally determined to move the business into the future. Barletta Heavy Division Inc was formed that same year, returning the company to its roots in heavy and highway construction. Working on the new Central Artery / Tunnel project brought the Barletta name full-circle; re-building the infrastructure of Eastern Massachusetts that it had originally built over half a century before.

Deer Island


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